The Adelaide Pride March is an event held in Adelaide, South Australia usually in November. It is organized by Pride Adelaide, a profit organization dedicated to celebrating and supporting the lgbtq+QIA+ community in South Australia. Since its inception in the 1990s the march has grown both in size and significance.

The Pride March serves as the point of the wider Feast Festival, a vibrant queer arts and cultural festival that spans several weeks. This festival showcases an array of performances, exhibitions, workshops and other community events. Known as one of Australias lgbtq+IQ+ festivals it greatly influences Adelaides cultural landscape.

Starting from the end of Victoria Square (Tarndanyangga) the Adelaide Pride March proceeds north along King William Street before culminating at Pioneer Womens Memorial Garden. It brings together thousands of participants from community groups, businesses and organizations who come together to march in solidarity, for lgbtq+QIA+ rights, visibility and pride.

With its costumes expressive banners and waving flags representing different facets of the lgbtq+QIA+ community; this parade exudes vibrancy and celebration.
The march is made more lively with music, dancing and enthusiastic crowds who gather along the streets to express their support.

Following the parade it is customary to host a post event or other festive gatherings at different locations throughout Adelaide. These occasions provide a chance for the community and its allies to unite, mingle and keep the celebration going in an inclusive setting.

To stay informed, about the updates regarding the Adelaide Pride March you can visit the official website of Pride Adelaide.

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