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페티쉬 나이트 로마 2025
Fetish Pride Italy가 9번째 에디션으로 돌아왔습니다!
페티쉬 중독자들을 위한 4일간의 이벤트.
금요일 밤에는 페티쉬 식전주, 갈라 디너, 환영 파티로 목요일 8일부터 시작하고 토요일 밤에는 Mister Rubber Election을 가집니다.
주말은 일요일에 전통적인 Farewell Brunch로 끝납니다.
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Here are some hotels in Rome that cater to men and are also gay friendly;

1. Hotel Mediterraneo Rome- Situated in the heart of Rome Hotel Mediterraneo offers views of the city from its rooftop terrace. You'll find Art Deco style rooms equipped with modern amenities like flat screen TVs, minibars and complimentary Wi Fi. The hotel is conveniently located near Termini Station making it a great starting point for exploring Romes attractions. Check availability and prices here;

2. Leons Place Hotel - A luxurious and stylish boutique hotel that warmly welcomes gay travelers Leons Place boasts decor, a fitness center and a spa area complete with a sauna and Turkish bath. The spacious rooms come with Wi Fi, air conditioning and flat screen TVs. Located near Via Veneto and Villa Borghese it offers access to Romes main attractions. Check availability and prices here;

3. The Fifteen Keys Hotel - Nestled in the Monti district The Fifteen Keys Hotel is a charming boutique hotel that extends a warm welcome to all guests including the lgbtq+Q+ community. The designed rooms feature air conditioning free Wi Fi access and flat screen TVs for your comfort.
You can start your day with a breakfast served in the courtyard and the hotels central location makes it an ideal choice for exploring Romes rich history and vibrant nightlife. If you're interested you can check availability and prices by visiting this link;

4. Rome Gay Life - For those looking for a men bed and breakfast experience catering specifically to the gay community Rome Gay Life is an excellent option. They offer rooms with air conditioning, private bathrooms, free Wi Fi and flat screen TVs. In addition to a breakfast spread guests can relax in the shared living area. Rome Gay Life is conveniently located in the San Giovanni neighborhood providing access to public transportation and top attractions in Rome. If you want to check availability and prices, for this accommodation please follow this link;

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