The Matinee Easter Weekend in Barcelona is an annual celebration that happens during the Easter holidays in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. This exciting festival lasts four days, starting from Good Friday and ending on Easter Monday and attracts party enthusiasts from all over the world.

During the Matinee Easter Weekend, there are a variety of parties and entertainment options available. You can enjoy live music, talented DJs, captivating performances and impressive dance shows. The festival begins with a grand opening party at one of Barcelona's top clubs. Each day thereafter features a unique themed party such as the Matinee Circuit Party, The Main Party and the Water Park Day. These events take place at different venues throughout the city including popular clubs, parks and even beachfront locations.

One of the most anticipated highlights of this weekend is the Water Park Day held at Illa Fantasia – a renowned water park near Barcelona. This full day event offers an enormous open air dance floor along with thrilling water slides, wave pools to cool off in and outstanding performances by international DJs. It promises to create unforgettable memories for all who attend.

To partake in the Matinee Easter Weekend festivities, you have two options; you can either purchase individual tickets for each event or opt for a festival pass that grants access to all parties.
You have two options for purchasing tickets to the event; you can buy them online through the official website or visit designated ticket outlets in Barcelona. The prices for individual events may vary and festival passes range from €150 to €250, depending on the package you choose. Keep in mind that prices might change, so it's important to confirm costs before making a purchase.

If you're planning to attend the festival, it's advisable to book your accommodation in advance. Hotels and hostels in Barcelona tend to fill up quickly during this time. The Matinee Easter Weekend website often provides discounted rates at partner hotels for festival goers, so make sure to check for any available deals.
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