Ghent Pride is a gathering that happens in the beautiful city of Ghent, Belgium. It is a celebration of the lgbtq+Q+ community. Aims to raise awareness and promote equality and acceptance.

The origins of Ghent Pride can be traced back to the 2010s when it started gaining popularity. Typically held over a week in spring or early summer the highlight is a parade that winds through the historic streets of the city. Throughout the event week participants and spectators can engage in activities such as workshops, film screenings, panel discussions, live performances, parties and social gatherings.

Dedicated volunteers collaborate with lgbtq+Q+ organizations, businesses and allies to organize Ghent Pride. Their ultimate goal is to create an environment for everyone attending regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The parade itself steals the spotlight by showcasing a range of participants including lgbtq+Q+ groups as well, as individuals who come together to celebrate love, diversity and acceptance. As it makes its way through Ghents streets adorned with architecture and rich history onlookers are treated to a visually captivating experience.

In Ghent events take place throughout the week at various venues. These events include art exhibitions, theater performances and parties catered specifically to the preferences and interests of the lgbtq+Q+ community.
In addition numerous local businesses enthusiastically back the event by offering deals and organizing themed activities.

Throughout the years Ghent Pride has garnered recognition and has become an attraction for both locals and visitors from, around the world. Its increasing significance has contributed to positioning Ghent as a city that embraces diversity and inclusivity.

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