Sleazy Madrid stands as one of Spains events, for gay fetish and electronic music enthusiasts. Held annually during the week of May it coincides with Madrids Labor Day celebrations drawing in a crowd from all corners of the globe. People come to experience its ambiance pulsating beats and thrilling parties that revolve around themes.

Since its inception in 2001 Sleazy Madrid has evolved into an awaited convergence for the gay fetish community. The festival spans days. Offers attendees a range of activities to indulge in including clubbing, shopping, workshops and art exhibitions. However the true highlight lies in the parties scattered across venues throughout the city.

These parties showcase world class DJs and performers who skillfully blend techno, house and electronic dance music genres. Collaborating with clubs, promoters and fetish brands allows Sleazy Madrid to curate themed events, like Into the Tank Noctox, ODARKO—and many more.These events cater to preferences and interests encompassing a range, from leather and rubber to athletic attire and uniforms. They create an environment for individuals to freely express their desires and connect with others who share inclinations.

In addition to the Sleazy Madrid event there are also satellite events that occur throughout the year. These include the Sleazy Madrid Winter Edition and Sleazy Madrid On Tour, which venture to cities as well as international destinations.

To attend Sleazy Madrid you have the option of purchasing tickets in advance through their website or at designated locations. Tickets can be acquired for parties or as a combination pass, granting access, to events. It is essential to note that the festival strictly admits adults aged 18 years and above..
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  • Here are some general tips, for travelers visiting Madrid to ensure an enjoyable trip;

    1. Familiarize yourself with laws and customs; Madrid is generally lgbtq+Q+ friendly. Its always wise to research the laws and customs of the city before your trip. This knowledge will help you avoid any attention or potential issues.

    2. Choose accommodation in a gay area; Chueca is renowned as Madrids gay district offering a variety of bars, clubs and restaurants that cater to the lgbtq+Q+ community. Opting to stay in this neighborhood can provide an opportunity to connect with gay travelers and locals.

    3. Exercise caution when using dating apps; While utilizing dating apps can be a way to meet new people it’s important to be mindful of your safety. Take care in your conversations. Arrange meetings in places.

    4. Stay vigilant against pickpockets; Like any city Madrid has its share of pickpocketing incidents. Keep your belongings secure. Avoid carrying sums of cash.

    5. Learn some phrases; Although English is widely spoken in Madrid having some basic knowledge of Spanish can be advantageous, for navigating the city and engaging with locals.

    6. Remember that these tips are not exclusive to gay travelers; they can benefit anyone visiting Madrid! Enjoy your trip!Make sure to choose a established hotel; It's crucial to select a hotel that is known for its safety and reputation. Take the time to read reviews before making your reservation and ensure that the hotel is situated in a neighborhood.
다음은 마드리드에 있는 6개의 게이 프렌들리 또는 남성 전용 호텔 목록입니다.

  1. 호텔 악셀 마드리드: 시내 중심에 위치한 Hotel Axel Madrid는 LGBTQ+Q+ 여행자에게 트렌디하고 활기찬 분위기를 제공합니다. 세련된 객실, 옥상 테라스, 피트니스 센터, 인기 있는 바를 갖추고 있습니다. 가용성 및 가격 확인:

  2. 룸메이트 오스카: 생동감 넘치는 디자인과 친근한 분위기를 갖춘 룸메이트 오스카는 성소수자+Q+ 여행객에게 인기 있는 선택입니다. 호텔은 편안한 객실, 멋진 전망을 감상할 수 있는 옥상 테라스, 그란비아(Gran Via) 인근의 중심부 위치를 제공합니다. 가용성 및 가격 확인:

  3. 호텔 어번: 이 세련된 호텔은 현대적인 고급스러움과 예술 및 디자인이 조화를 이루고 있습니다. 마드리드 중심부에 위치한 이 호텔은 우아한 객실, 옥상 수영장, 미식 레스토랑, 트렌디한 분위기의 바를 갖추고 있습니다. 가용성 및 가격 확인:

  4. 호텔 H10 빌라 드 라 레이나: 마드리드의 상징적인 그란 비아에 위치한 이 부티크 호텔은 현대적인 편안함과 역사의 손길을 결합한 것입니다. 세련되게 디자인된 객실, 옥상 테라스, 바, 극장과 쇼핑가로의 쉬운 접근을 제공합니다. 가용성 및 가격 확인:

  5. 호텔 룸 메이트 알리시아: 활기찬 푸에르타 델 솔(Puerta del Sol) 지역에 위치한 Hotel Room Mate Alicia는 밝고 다채로운 인테리어로 꾸며진 현대적인 객실을 제공합니다. 편안한 객실, 옥상 테라스, 마드리드를 둘러보기 위한 중심적인 위치를 제공합니다. 가용성 및 가격 확인:

  6. 호텔 룸메이트 로라: 마드리드 중심부에 위치한 Hotel Room Mate Laura는 현대적인 환경에서 편안한 숙박 시설을 제공합니다. 객실은 다채로운 장식으로 꾸며져 있으며, 호텔은 조식 뷔페, 옥상 테라스, 푸에르타 델 솔(Puerta del Sol) 근처의 편리한 위치를 제공합니다. 가용성 및 가격 확인:

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